Van snatch man ‘saw opportunity’

In Court
In Court

A persistent Bassetlaw car thief has been electronically tagged and ordered to deal with his alcohol problem.

Jamie Kettle, 26, of Lanchester Gardens, Worksop appeared before magistrates in Worksop last Thursday where he admitted the latest offences of vehicle theft, driving without insurance or a licence.

Prosecuting, Kate Beardmore said Kettle took the £7,000 Ford Transit van from Aurillac Way, Hallcroft Industrial Estate, Retford, on 15th March. It belonged to Mudford & Sons marquee company.

“The keys were in the ignition when the defendant took the vehicle, but the owner had a tracking device and it was quickly traced,” she said.

It was driven through Bawtry, Harwoth and Rossington, near Doncaster before being dumped. Miss Beardmore said Kettle had jumped from the vehicle and been chased on foot before being arrested.

Defending, Ian Pridham told the court his client had admitted to two similar offences, and would ask that they were taken into consideration in the sentence.

“Mr Kettle had been walking to meet his brother. He passed the vehicle and saw the keys in the ignition. Without wanting to suggest any fault to the driver for doing that, it has given Mr Kettle the opportunity to take the van,” he said.

“But Mr Kettle knows the responsibility is on him.”

Magistrate Mr Alan Burkwood said he could have gone to prison. Instead Kettle was put on a six month 7pm - 7am curfew, given a 12 month community order with six months alcohol treatment and made to pay £145 costs and surcharges.