Uproar at plans to develop Gateford Toll Bar into 1,000 vehicle access road

Residents' in uproar over new road build
Residents' in uproar over new road build

Residents say they are at their ‘wits’ end’ over multi-million pound plans to adapt Gateford Toll Bar into an access road that will service an industrial estate and up to 380 new homes.

The proposals entail building 380 residential properties together with a large commercial development on Gateford Common, along with a residential vehicle access that will be serviced via Gateford Toll Bar.

Two new roads off Gateford Road and Claylands Avenue will also be built to service the new estate, leading to concerns from residents aboutcongestion, noise pollution and flooding.

Though planning permission for the new estate is yet to be accepted, the access roads have already been given the go ahead.

Glynnis Thompson, who lives on Gledhill Drive with her family, said: “We feel like the plans have been given the green light without any issues we have raised having been taken into account This is where we live and we don’t want to be manipulated or misinformed.”

“Contaminated land and flooding risks are some of our concerns, but the main issue for us residents will be the sheer amount of traffic that the development will cause.”

“The A57 bypass nearby was installed to relieve congestion. But now hundreds of vehicles will be coming off the A57 in order to get to these new houses and offices and there’s just not enough space along with cars already parked on the road.”

Phil Hare, who also lives on Gledhill Drive, said: “This is surely the biggest development in Worksop for the past decade, and we just wish those most influenced by these plans had a say. We are not opposed to the development of the new estate, but adapting Gateford Toll Bar into a service road will mean chaos for us.”

“Along with congestion issues, there is an increased flood risk and hedgerows and grass verges will be destroyed.”

Coun Helen Richards, chairman of planning committee at Bassetlaw District Council, told the Guardian: “The council received an outline planning application for a mixed use development on Gateford Common of up to 380 residential properties and 19,000 sqm of business units.”

“This was determined at a planning committee meeting in June.”

“Members resolved to grant permission, subject to the completion of a Section 106 agreement, that deals with certain legal aspects of the development.”

“Following this agreement the applicant has three years to submit a resolved matters application.”

“As part of the current outline application, the applicant has demonstrated that there will be three access points to the site via Claylands Avenue, Gateford Road and Gateford Toll Bar.”