UPDATE: Greenpeace activists released pending full investigation after blocking freight train with model polar bear

More than 40 UK activists who stopped a 1,500 tonne coal train on Tuesday have been released pending a full investigation.

By Guardian Reporter
Wednesday, 24th September 2014, 11:34 am

The Greenpeace activists blocked the 400-metre freight train on sidings leading to Cottam power station in Notts for ten 10 hours yesterday after flagging it down using a life-size polar bear puppet to stop the train from moving.

After climbing onto the wagons, the activists attempted to unload the cargo and managed to fill over 1,000 sacks with coal.

The blockade cut off the main coal supply route to both Cottam and nearby West Burton power station for most of the day.

The action took place as UK Prime Minister David Cameron was speaking at a major, UN-convened climate summit in New York.

Greenpeace UK climate campaigner, Lawrence Carter, said: “These people have put their liberty on the line to stop the massive damage to our health and climate caused by coal.”

“They have exposed a perverse energy system that allows coal-burning energy firms to boost their profits at the expense of both UK consumers and our environment.”

“It looks like David Cameron was about to do the right thing by announcing a pledge to end old coal, but shied away from it at the last moment. He should draw inspiration from the determination of our activists and set out a clear plan to phase out our polluting coal plants within the next decade.”