Unisex loo discussion

UNISEX toilets were a topic of debate as councillors met on Tuesday night to agree for further funding for its No 73 Bridge Street property.

Cabinet members agreed to plough a further £50,000 to develop the first floor of the building as a document store – currently housed in the council’s Brewery Yard site.

The property is used as a market storage area and also features brand-new public toilets.

But leader of the opposition Coun Graham Oxby said he had concerns about the toilets being unisex.

“These are the most unpleasant and hideous type of toilets people could wish for – especially females. I am extremely concerned about this,” he said.

Finance and property portfolio holder Coun Terry Yates said he disagreed.

“I hear what you say but I am of the opposite opinion – I actually believe unisex toilets will be subject to less vandalism,” he said.

“But if what you say is true, very little work is needed to convert them into separate male and female toilets.”

Council leader Coun Mike Quigley said unisex toilets might be unfamiliar to people in Bassetlaw but said they were common elsewhere.

“There are unisex toilets where my son lives in the Isle of Wight and there are actually fewer problems with public facilities there,” he said.

“I am hopeful that this will be a significant improvement in the way our toilets are cared for. I guess we will just have to test the water and see.”