Uninsured cars seized across borough

ALMOST 200 uninsured cars have been seized in Rotherham in the last five months, according to police figures.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 17th September 2012, 12:06 pm

Police are warning motorists that uninsured vehicles will not be tolerated and if motorists continue to offend then they will pay the price.

A total of 193 cars have been towed away between April and September this year as police clamp down on offenders.

Drivers face large fines for being caught with no insurance policy and risk their car being crushed if it remains uninsured.

Chief inspector Ian Womersley said: “ Police in Rotherham will take positive action against anyone using vehicles which place other road users at risk and this includes the seizure of uninsured vehicles.”

“Any driver who is considering driving their vehicle whilst uninsured, needs to be aware that this is identified to the police by number plate recognition cameras both at locations throughout the force and fitted in patrolling police vehicles.”

Police have had the power to seize vehicles since 2005 and of the 500 seized each day across the country, it is estimated that 30 per cent are crushed.

In addition to the police seeing offenders driving uninsured vehicles, legislation allows the motor insurance database to be compared against the DVLA registered keeper records to identify uninsured vehicles. Letters are then sent to owners, warning them of the penalties and a fine up to £1,000.