Two Gainsborough shops have lost their licence to sell alcohol after police seizure of smuggled alcohol

Two Gainsborough shops have lost their licence to sell alcohol after police seized smuggled alcohol.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th May 2017, 10:13 am
Updated Friday, 12th May 2017, 2:25 pm
Smuggled alcohol was seized by the police
Smuggled alcohol was seized by the police

The Polish Shop and The Polish Deli, both in Trinity Street, Gainsborough, have been banned from selling alcohol by West Lindsey District Council.

The Alcohol Licensing Department from Lincolnshire Police submitted paperwork for a licence review hearing after police raids at the premises.

A large quantity of spirits were seized from The Polish Deli which had no duty stamp and proved to be smuggled goods. Beer products were seized from The Polish Shop which were being sold below the lawful mandatory price and the owner was unable to produce receipts to prove that they had been legitimately purchased.

On Wednesday, May 10, hearings were held in front of the West Lindsey District Council Licensing Sub-Committee. After hearing all the evidence they agreed with the police that the premises had been undermining the licensing objectives by selling alcohol which had proven to be smuggled goods. There were also serious concerns in the way both premises were being operated on a daily basis, with multiple breaches of the licence conditions discovered during Police visits to both stores

Sergeant Kim Enderby, from the Alcohol Licensing Department, said: “The decision of the Licensing Sub-Committee sends a strong and clear message to stores involved in illegal activity or considering selling items of this type. “Ultimately you will face the revocation of your premises licence and no longer be able to sell alcohol. Both stores were run by the same male and criminal activity was uncovered at both premises.

“As well as avoiding paying the duty on the products, the illicit alcohol presented a danger to the public as it cannot be established where the alcohol is made and may pose a danger to the health of whoever drinks them. Alcohol that is offered on the black market by none legitimate sources should be avoided as in the past it has been found to contain anti-freeze and other toxic ingredients.

“Both premises were also found to have committed multiple breaches of the conditions on their premises licence.

“Staff members had not been trained, they could not operate the CCTV systems installed and were unaware of their responsibilities within the Licensing Act. This decision to revoke the licence sends a clear deterrent message to all stores.

“We remain committed to ensuring the lawful and responsible selling of alcohol throughout the County. Those premises that fail or refuse to do this will have action taken against them.”

There is a 21 day appeal process and if no appeal is submitted then the revocation comes into force.