Two Gainsborough cousins jailed after violence

Two members of a Gainsborough family have been jailed after a court heard how violence was carried out to two men during incidents in the town.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25th September 2012, 4:51 pm

Lincoln Crown Court heard how Patrick McLaggan drove into pedal cyclist Lee Manson knocking him from his bike.

McLaggan, who was banned from driving, then tried to persuade another man to take the blame.

But after the man failed to follow his orders he was visited by McLaggan’s cousin John McLaggan who issued threats before assaulting him.

Jonathan Eley, prosecuting, said that Mr Manson, who had previously had a falling out with Patrick McLaggan, 34, of Sturgate Walk, Gainsborough, was cycling along Baines Road in the town when Patrick McLaggan spotted him.

“Patrick McLaggan was driving a Ford Fiesta on that road,” said Mr Eley. “There was an exchange between the two and as a result of that McLaggan did a 360 degree turn and went after Manson who was cycling furiously along the pavement.”

“McLaggan drove up to Manson and cut across and hit his rear wheel. He knocked Mr Manson off his bike.”

Manson managed to phone police for help and was then assisted by staff from a nearby school. McLaggan then got out of the car and shouted at Manson before driving away.

Mr Manson was later taken to the John Coupland Hospital where he was treated for cuts and bruises.

McLaggan later exchanged his t-shirt with Richard Hall. McLaggan also told Hall to tell police that he (Hall) was driving the car and tell officers that Manson pulled a knife on him after a collision.

McLaggan was arrested later and stuck to his story that Hall was driving and was responsible for the collision.

Hall was then arrested himself, but refused to name the driver only telling officers that he was not the person behind the wheel.

Richard Hall was released by police and went to his brother’s home where he was confronted by John McLaggan.

Mr Eley continued: “John McLaggan challenged Richard Hall as to what he had said to the police. He was very angry. He picked up a metal lighter and struck Richard Hall to the side of the head causing bleeding from his ear. He then tried to headbutt Hall.”

“He deflected the head but and got away but was chased by John McLaggan but was too quick for him.”

Patrick McLaggan admitted charges of dangerous driving, assault, driving while disqualified and attempting to pervert the course of justice as a result of the incident on 28th March.

He was jailed for 32 months after Judge Sean Morris told him: “This was an extremely serious offence. People who mislead the police must expect proper punishment for it.”

John McLaggan, 40, of Kirkland Street, Maybole, Ayrshire, admitted assaulting Richard Hall. Judge Morris jailed him for eight months after describing him as ‘ an enforcer ‘ .

The court was told Patrick McLaggan had convictions for 83 previous offences and John McLaggan for 26 offences.

Lisa Hardy, defending, said Patrick McLaggan meant to simply block Manson’s way and did not deliberately run him down.