Toxic asbestos found dumped 33 times this year in Worksop

Asbestos found dumped.
Asbestos found dumped.

Brazen fly-tippers have been dumping toxic asbestos waste at sites around Worksop and the surrounding area.

The authority is urging residents to dispose of the potentially deadly waste properly after being called out to 33 cases in which asbestos has been illegally abandoned across the district in the past year. Not only can asbestos cause serious and fatal illnesses such as lung cancer and asbestosis- it is also costly for the Council’s Environemental Service Team to remove.

Gavin Bailey, environmental health manager at Bassetlaw District Council, said:“You should never fly-tip asbestos and the people who selfishly dump it are not only blighting the areas where it is left, but it also poses potentially serious personal health and environmental risks.

“In general, the vast majority of fly-tipped asbestos is dumped in small to medium quantities and is made up of cement bonded sheets of asbestos, which is predominantly used as roofs for garages and outbuildings, and guttering.

“If cement bonded sheets of asbestos are not broken up, they pose a relatively low risk to health.

“However, asbestos is a hazardous waste and if sheets are broken up without the necessary precautionary measures and protective equipment, the dust and fibres that are released can pose a more serious risk to health.”

Mr Bailey added: ““If you witness someone fly-tipping any form of waste, please report this to the Council with as many details as possible. This includes the dates, times and locations of the fly-tipping, descriptions of the vehicles involved and a registration number if possible, and a description of the individual who was illegally dumping the waste.

“By providing this information it will give the Council the best possible chance of being able to serve that person with a fixed penalty notice, stop them from trading as a licenced waste carrier or secure a prosecution.”

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