Town council leader '˜alarmed' by amount of ungritted roads in Gainsborough

The leader of Gainsborough Town Council has raised his concerns about the gritting of the town's roads during icy conditions after a number of accidents.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 3:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 3:31 pm
Car crashed into a wall in Lea Road, Gainsborough. Picture by @DebD00dles
Car crashed into a wall in Lea Road, Gainsborough. Picture by @DebD00dles

As the temperature has dropped over the last few weeks the road conditions are becoming treacherous.

Councillor Matt Boles said: “On Sunday, January 29, it was somewhat alarming to see and receive numerous reports that roads in and around Gainsborough had not been treated by the Lincolnshire County Councils highways department.

“This resulted in extremely dangerous conditions for drivers and a number of accidents.

“I believe Lea Road alone had four accidents.

“When I contacted Lincolnshire County Council they responded that they had treated “priority” routes but would not elaborate on what constituted a priority route.

“I would have expected Thorndike Way or Lea Road would be classed as a priority route but obviously not.

“Residents even took the drastic step of calling 101 on Sunday morning to raise concerns of the danger levels on certain roads.

“They were promised someone would be out to treat the areas but again nothing materialised.

“I hope this was a one off incident and the town and its residents get the level of service it requires and pays for in future.”

A highways spokesman said: “During the winter we monitor the weather around the clock so we’re ready to take action whenever necessary.

“We treat all major traffic routes and A and B roads, amounting to around 2,000 miles of highway.

“A treated link is provided from each main village to each major traffic route and every primary and secondary school has a salted route which goes at least within 500 metres of its entrance.

“Where possible, a treated link is also provided to within 500 metres of all main NHS hospitals and all train and bus stations.

“However, people should remember that although salt is a big help it isn’t a complete cure. Even gritted roads can be treacherous and drivers will need to take care when out in freezing temperatures.”

Lincolnshire Police have confirmed there were a number of collisions reported to them on the morning of Sunday, January 29.

These included three separate cars sliding off the road at the corner near Lea Park, a car hit a bridge in Spiral Terrace causing them to go through the railings and hit a BT box and a car crashed into a wall in Lea Road, Gainsborough.

They also received reports of icy conditions on Hickman Hill and Coxs Hill in Gainsborough.