Town close to ‘drought zone’

warnings of drought have swept the area - but Worksop remains on the edge of the ‘danger zone’.

This week, the Environment Agency issued a map showing the areas stricken by danger of drought this summer, showing the areas where a shortage of rainfall was causing concern for the ability of water companies to supply and meet the demands of their customers.

However, while towns as close as Retford and Gainsborough are shown to be in the drought area, Worksop remains just outside of the concerned zone.

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A spokesman from the Environment Agency said: “East Anglia, the south east of England and south and east Yorkshire are in drought.”

“Last week seven water companies in the south east and east of England imposed temporary use bans on customers.”

He added: “Although there has been some welcome rain over the past week, the Midlands, the south west of England and parts of Wales are experiencing the effects of a prolonged dry period.”

Severn Trent have said that despite the record low rainfall over the last 16 months, they were not predicting any usage restrictions this summer.

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Severn Trent water resources manager Marcus O’Kane said: “Dozens of individual measures are being taken to ensure our customers do not face any usage restrictions this year, but we can’t afford to be complacent.”

He continued: “Although we would never rule out the prospect of restrictions, we are confident we have the situation under control at this time.”

For more information on the drought and about managing water you can visit or or call 0845 603 4413.