Town centre businesses hit by three hour power cut

A POWER cut put Worksop town centre post office out of action for three hours during one of the busiest days of the year.

Customers had to be turned away from the Newcastle Avenue branch after the power went off from around 10am until 1pm on Monday.

It is understood that other businesses along Bridge Street were also affected.

Postmaster Andy Bhullar said: “It’s the second time we’ve had a power cut in five weeks.”

“We’re on a three-phase meter which means we still had an interior office light but the main lights went off and the weighing scales, so we couldn’t weigh any letters or parcels.”

“We were redirecting people to the Victoria Square branch.”

Mr Bhullar said he didn’t know what caused the power cut and was unlikely to get any compensation for lost business because the power was off for less than a day.

“Monday is our busiest day and even more so at this time of year, so being shut for three hours meant we lost a lot of business,” he said.

“The staff got on with back room duties until the power came back on but then we were dealing with a backlog of people.”

Customers found that other town centre outlets like WHSmith and Wilkinson soon ran out of second class stamps.

A spokesman for WHSmith said the Bridge Place store was fully stocked again by Tuesday.

Another business affected was Jenny’s Cafe and Grill on Central Avenue where staff were gearing up for the lunch time rush.

“We had to close the cafe until 2pm because we had no power,” said owner Ersin Uzel.

“It lost us a lot of customers because it happened at our busiest time of day.”

“Then when we re-opened it took a while for the grills to heat up because they had gone cold.”

A spokesman for electricity distributor Central Networks said 22 of its customers were affected by the power cut.

But he said all customers’ electricity was back on by 1.20pm.

He said the cause was a fault on the power line causing a fuse to blow at the sub station.

“We are continuing to try and identify the fault but sadly until it is identified there is a chance of further disruption,” he added.