Torksey: First time writer has her story published and it is now available as an e-book

To keep her entertained while on maternity leave a Torksey woman decided to have a go at writing a book and it is now available to buy on Amazon.

Tuesday, 25th February 2014, 7:00 pm
Nina Ratcliffe has written and published an ebook about her horse Dublin (NGAS-24-02-14 RA 2a)

Nina Ratcliffe, 27, has no previous writing experience but decided to have a go at writing a story and her book, A New Home, is now available as an e-book on Amazon.

A New Home is a story written from the perspective of her horse, Dublin.

Nina said: “I have a horse so I decided to write about what I know. I wrote about how me and him got together.”

When Nina first got Dublin he had just been through a traumatic experience and was depressed.

She said: “His temperament has changed, he used to be a bit nasty but he has changed into a soft horse.”

“He is an old man now so he has got a grumpy side.”

“He is really good with me little boy who is nearly two.”

“The story is written from his point of view as if he is telling the story.”

“There is a picture of him on the front cover as well.”

“I wrote it to read to my baby boy but my husband thought it was really good and suggested I get some professional feedback.”

Nina found a publisher online and sent her story off to them.

A few months later they came back to her and offered her a contract.

She said: “They didn’t give me any feedback, just a contract.”

“It was mind blowing.”

“It all happened really quickly. I only sent it off a year ago.”

The publishing company didn’t actually tell Nina her book would be available on Amazon, her husband found it on there.

Nina added: “It shocked me.”

“My best friend is an editor and she advised me what to do.”

“She said to me that people with degrees have to wait months to have their stories read.”

“I have no experience.”

“I can’t believe it.”