Top tasks to spruce your garden this spring

Spring is the ideal time to spruce up your garden and revive your plants after winter, ready for the summer months ahead.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 8th April 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:56 pm
Spruce up your garden this Spring
Spruce up your garden this Spring

Colin Dale, head of gardening and plants for Notcutts’ 18 garden centres nationwide, shares his seasonal to-do list to help you get your garden looking glorious this spring.

Love your lawn

Once the danger of a hard frost has passed, it’s time to revive your lawn. Rake out any dead grass and moss before giving it a cut. Keep your lawnmower blades high and try to pick a dry day to avoid bruising any tender growth.

Revive your borders

Spruce up your wild winter borders with a thorough weeding, but be careful not to disturb any spring-flowering bulbs or new shoots nestled in the soil. Afterwards, apply a generous layer of compost or manure – pelleted chicken manure or fish, blood and bone manure are particular favourites at Notcutts.

Tame and tidy your plants

Remove any dead or diseased branches from trees, and make sure you stake and tie anything that has been loosened by the winter winds. Prune and tidy your shrubs, including removing dead stems, and cut back any old growth on your perennials to allow light into the plant. Take care not to cut any new growth that may be emerging.

Add some fresh colour

Spring is the perfect season for adding fresh new plants and bright colours to your garden. This time of year we have the widest variety of plants in store at Notcutts with many in full bloom for that instant pop of colour. Planting in spring also means your new additions will become well established before next winter.

Colourful primroses will look great in your garden this season. Herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses, such as Festuca Intense Blue, have large bases at this time of year so are also ideal for spring planting.

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