Top 10 tips for driving in bright sunshine

With the heatwave expected to make a return, people are being warned of the dangers of gleaming sunshine while driving.

Take extra care behind the wheel.
Take extra care behind the wheel.

Motoring experts at have devised a list of 10 top tips for drivers to have a safe and stress-free journey in the sun...

1. Invest in polarised glasses to reduce sun glare

Polarised lenses contain a filter which blocks out very intense reflected light, making polarised sunglasses ideal for reducing the sun's glare when driving.

2. Leave more following room

When the sun is in your eyes it can be hard to see what the car ahead is doing, increasing road danger. Leaving an extra bit of space between you and the car ahead can allow you more time to see the other driver's actions.

3. Wash your windshield regularly

Smears on windscreens can be made highly visible when the sun is shining on them, blocking a driver's vision and providing distraction.

4. Avoid clutter on your dashboard

A cluttered dashboard can be distracting when driving. Materials such as paper and glass can reflect sunlight and obstruct vision, so keeping a clean dashboard will eliminate any dangers.

5. Drive slower if you're having trouble seeing

Driving slower or pulling over and waiting until the sun has moved are the safest things to do if the sun is obstructing your vision.

6. Make sure your windshield isn’t cracked or pitted

Pits and cracks in the windshield can cause sunlight to scatter and distort your view of the road. Ensure your windshield is in top condition before the sunny summer months arrive.

7. Account for the time of day

Thinking about the time of day you're driving at is important during the summer months, as mornings and evenings mean the sun is low in the sky and more likely to interfere with your vision when driving. Try and avoid getting behind the wheel at these times if you can.

8. Pay attention to road markings

Paying careful attention to road markings is important when driving on a sunny day. If the sun is obstructing your clear vision ahead, being aware of the road markings will help you make sure you are in the correct lane.

9. Don't forget to use your sun visor

Sun visors are there to help block out the sun and give you a safer driving environment, so make sure you are making full use of yours.

10. Tint the windows

Tinting windows can help the sun not to appear quite as bright and blinding. According to the law, the front windscreen and front side windows must let at least 70 per cent of light through, so bear this in mind if you opt to tint your windows.