Todwick: Email sent in error links Todwick book club to another 3,235 miles away in Ottawa, Canada

A chance email sent to the wrong address linked a Todwick book club to another in Ottawa, Canada- around 3,235 miles away.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 18th July 2014, 2:05 pm
Reading club at Grannys Tea Room in Todwick
Reading club at Grannys Tea Room in Todwick

Eileen Northall, of the Pastures, Todwick, set up the Vintage Parlour Reading Group last year, borrowing library books for fellow literature fans who meet to discuss the reads every month at Granny’s Vintage Tearoom.

One evening, Eileen received a reply from an email she had sent around the group- from a mysterious woman named Anne Warburton in Canada.

It turned out that Anne shared the same passion for books as Eileen and also had her own book club, named ‘The Bodacious Bookworms’, thousands of miles away.

Eileen said: “I always keep in touch with members by email after each meeting and just before the next meeting.” “The last time I emailed, I inadvertently changed a letter in one of our members email address, which resulted in the email going to a lady of the same name in Canada.”

“She replied telling me that she also belonged to a reading group.”

“I suggested that we keep a contact going which would give each of our reading groups an added frissance.”

Anne Warburton said: “We have a remarkable group of supportive women who get together regularly to discuss books and life in general, just like the group in Todwick.”

“We are bold, gutsy and not afraid to try new things and new ideas.”

“Our members, who are in their 50s and 60s, all live in Ottawa in Canada.”

“We meet in each other’s home and discuss the books over dinner- our current read is the An Astronaut’s Guide to Lifeby Chris Hadfield.”

“It’s lovely to be linked to a group who share the same passion, regardless of distance.”

Eileen added: “This is a very interesting addition to our group.”

“We eventually plan to read the same books and get in touch with each other’s comments. Hands across the sea and all that- it’s all very exciting.”

For more information on the Todwick Vintage Parlour Reading Group, call Eileen on 10909 70050.