Time for the PM to step aside and give us a general election

Rother Valley MP calls for the PM to quit and call a general election

I voted against the Government as their policies of the last nine years have put the economy at risk, left communities behind and pushed our public services into crisis.

Sir Kevin Barron MP

Sir Kevin Barron MP

We now have an awful situation where NHS waiting lists have grown to 4.3 million and almost 2.5 million more people have waited longer than four hours in A&E now than in 2010.

The number of people waiting more than four hours in A&E to be admitted to a hospital bed – ‘trolley waits’ has increased by more than 500,000 a year compared to 2010.

On top of all of that, seven billion pounds has been cut from adult social care since 2010 leaving 1.4 million elderly and vulnerable people without the care and support they need.

This is not sustainable and Theresa May should do the right thing and step aside so there can be a general election.

We also this week had the EU Withdrawal Bill vote.

During the 2017 general election, I made clear to my constituents that I had voted for Article 50, which set out the timetable that Britain is now following for its exit from the EU.

I also made it clear that while I would hold the Government to account on its Brexit policies, I would also not disrespect my constituents by needlessly trying to block Brexit.

Those were the words of the Labour manifesto.

I know it disappointed some but I felt I had no other choice than to vote in support of the Prime Minister’s deal on Tuesday as that was the only option on the table that truly enacted the promises that I made to my constituents and avoided the horror of a no-deal Brexit.