Thought for the day:How did hitting our kids make us a better country?

Today as I was perusing my Facebook feed, I saw a friend had shared a status which basically said that Great Britain stopped being a great country when we got too soft with criminals and were banned from hitting our children.

Tuesday, 6th January 2015, 5:46 pm

The basic premise of the post was that if parents, teachers and the Police were allowed to assault children then the country would be a much better place.

Initially I laughed but then I realised this was a serious post and of course there are many people who do believe that hitting children would make Britain great again!

I have a question to ask.

If you were caught speeding by the Police and instead of a fine you were given a clip around the ear would you think that a good thing?

Perhaps there could be gradations of punishment, the faster you were going the harder the clip!

If you are assaulted as an adult you have the law to protect you and that is supposed to make us a better society but obviously there are some who think we don’t need to protect our children.

The abuse of children should not be tolerated in any form and although it has been cases of sexual abuse that have been at the forefront of our collective mind in recent times we should not forget the stories of Victoria Climbié, Peter Connelly, Daniel Pelka and countless other children, beaten, sometimes to death, by adults.

How did their deaths make us a better country?


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