THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What’s the worst that can happen if you survive Xmas?

The festive season is reaching its climax for what can be a very stressful time.

First there is the stress of the pre-Christmas rush when we all dash about like headless turkeys trying to snatch up the bargains We then battle through the aisles of our favourite supermarket trying to make sure we have plenty of sprouts to cook and then to throw away after nobody eats them.

We have to ‘deck the halls’ with bright coloured lights and then find we have the stress of running to the DIY store when we discover one of the bulbs has blown. There are parcels to wrap and post, there are cards to address, there are stamps to buy and then there are post boxes too full to take your cards, leading to more stress!

But eventually it all comes to an end and the pre Christmas period is past and we have the day itself to experience...more stress.

Trying to put on a brave face when you open the present that leaves you almost speechless with shock - “wow, a nutcracker shaped like Katie Price - thanks so much.”

Trying to remember who likes breast, who likes stuffing, who likes extra gravy and then trying to find something for Aunty Mary who is on a three day diet of beetroot and runner beans.

Then you have to make sure you de-christmas by twelfth night or bad luck may follow throughout the year. I say leave the decorations up, what’s the worst that could happen? You just survived Christmas!

I’m only joking, I hope you have the best Christmas you can but anyone who has had a bereavement this year will no doubt find the gloss of Christmas somewhat diminished - it puts all that stress and fuss into perspective doesn’t it?



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