Thoresby Colliery to close this afternoon

Thoresby Colliery.
Thoresby Colliery.

Thoresby Colliery will close in the next hour as the last tonne of coal is brought to the surface.

The last shift workers are expected to clock out between 1pm and 2pm, bringing down the curtain on 90 years of coal production for the region.

Work at the colliery had been meant to continue until 24th July, but the efficiency of those left working meant the last tonne of coal was brought to the surface this afternoon.

All will continue to be paid until 24th July.

Hundreds had already been laid off as part of a winding-down operation since UK Coal announced last year that global coal prices had left it needing millions of pounds to remain open.

Union chiefs argued that the mine was still profitable with enough coal in the ground to keep miners employed for a number years, and raised concerns over Britain’s reliance on cheap, imported fuel.

The Government pledged tens of millions of pounds to keep the pit running until its closure, but refused to bankroll a £338m lifeline to keep it open for another four years.