This man is not welcome

editorial image

here is a face for any shop-keeper to pin up behind the counter, under the banner NOT WANTED.

You see, this is the face of Mark Potts-Pimperton, whose petty criminality is the scourge of Worksop.

He has been in and out of court more times than OJ Simpson.

One staff hack recalls a time he was covering Rotherham Magistrates Court, when he received a text from a colleague outside Worksop Magistrates to say Potts-Pimperton had just been wheeled in for pinching cheese and bacon.

An hour later, who should turn up gurning like Pete Doherty other than MPP himself, as the cops took him on a whistle-stop tour of law and order across the counties. A 24-carat drug addled scumbag.

If you see him in a shop in Worksop, call the police. He is not wanted in our town.