Thieves are lowlife scum

SOME scumbags have stooped as low as it is possible to get and stolen a brass plaque honouring a Worksop war hero.

The plaque - fixed to a stone in Memorial Park - commemorated the heroics of William Henry Johnson.

Sergeant Johnson incredibly, and single-handledly, charged a machine gun emplacement, capturing two of the machine guns, at Ramicourt in France during the First World War.

He was severely injured during the attack but still went on to make another solo attack, capturing more enemy machine guns. He was rightly awarded the Victoria Cross.

If you compare the actions of Sergeant Johnson with the actions of those who stole his plaque you are left with as polar an opposite of the good and bad of the human race as it is possible to find.

If the toe rags responsible have even the remotest sense of dignity they will return this memorial to its rightful place.

In reality, they’ll probably just flog it for whatever they can get for it.

Personally, I’d like to see them taking their chances charging a few firing machine guns.