There are some sickos out there

RECENT events suggest there are some people in the Worksop area with minds as bent as the trajectory of a David Beckham free kick.

Anyone who saw last week’s Guardian would have been disgusted by the story of the decapitated remains of a dog being found in the Chesterfield Canal.

I’ve heard before of people disposing of unwanted pooches and moggies by putting them in a weighted bag and chucking them in the canal.

That is twisted and barbaric enough.

But to behead the poor animal first? That is beyond sick.

If you have an unwanted pet there are plenty of sanctuaries where they can be taken to and looked after.

Which suggests to me whoever committed this vile act did it purely for ‘kicks’.

Just a few weeks ago some harmless ducks were found beheaded up at Godfrey’s pond.

You’d have to be truly evil to do something like this.

I’ve read plenty of disturbing books in my time about serial killers, and this is how they all start.

Another shocking animal-related story was the news that John Mann’s wife, Jo, who has just been elected to Bassetlaw Council, was sent a dead bird through the post.

Gross. Whoever did this should be tarred and feathered - that really would be a punishment fitting with the crime.

READ the story in the Guardian last week about the woman who walked the five miles from Bassetlaw Hospital to her home in Langold in the early hours of the morning, dressed only in her pyjamas?

And, no, it wasn’t some charity fundraising stunt.

Am I the only one who had zero sympathy for this woman?

She claims the hospital left her with no choice but to do this.

Apart from the fact that they DID. She could have stayed in the warm confines of the hospital until the morning, then got transport home.

She claims she spent part of her journey home crawling on her hands and knees. Is that a violin I can hear?

As far as I can see this lady has only herself to blame.

If she’d shown a bit of initiative she would have discovered countless ways to make it home without having to walk. Or crawl.