The workers re-united!

The Clowne Meridian Girls 1960s/1970s reunion at Clowne Community Centre
The Clowne Meridian Girls 1960s/1970s reunion at Clowne Community Centre

WORKERS from Meridian Factory took a trip down memory lane as they attended a special reunion event at Clowne Community Centre.

Around 60 people from all over the area who worked at the former Courtalds hosiery factory during the 60s and 70s attended the get-together.

Meridian Christmas dance 1967

Meridian Christmas dance 1967

It was a chance for former workers to share in special memories from their time working at the old Courtalds factory on Creswell Road.

Janet Marriott née Rice organised the event with friend Margaret Huff, and said it was fantastic to see so many people they hadn’t seen for up to 50 years.

“It was just like turning back the clock and was so amazing to see people again,” she said.

“It was great listening to 60s music and catching up on old stories of what we used to get up to at the factory.”

Janet said working at Meridian was more than just a job and the team regularly enjoyed getting together outside of work - from nights out in Rotherham to ice-skating in Sheffield.

“It was a very social place to work and we used to have a football and cricket team too.”

Janet said the event proved such a success that they are hoping to organise another reunion in six months’ time.

“Some people couldn’t get to this one because of the bad weather so we want to organise another one soon. It was so wonderful to see everyone again and catch up on the past 40 years or so,” she said.

l Did YOU work at Clowne Meridian factory and want to share in the memory? Give Janet a call on 01909 721564.

We would also love to see any old photos you have from working there - drop into our Ryton Street reception or call 01909 500500.