The new chief constable of Lincolnshire Police has had '˜a warm welcome'

Bill Skelly, Chief Constable of Lincolnshire PoliceBill Skelly, Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police
Bill Skelly, Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police
After taking over the reins as the new chief constable of Lincolnshire, Bill Skelly says his first few weeks have been 'fantastic'.

Bill took over the county’s top policing job from Neil Rhodes, who retired after nearly 31 years of service.

Bill told the Standard in an interview this week: “I’ve had a really warm welcome from not just colleagues but also other people I’ve met as I’ve gone around.

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“Lincolnshire is a fantastic place and I’ve had a really lovely, warm welcome.”

Bill says one of the things he will be concentrating on in his new role will be vulnerable people and the impact of social media.

Starting out in his career as a police officer, Bill never dreamed he would end up in the top job.

“I have been asked many times if I always wanted to be a chief constable and it didn’t occur to me at the start,” he said.

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“It was only when I took the initial steps that I started to think about whether to move through the ranks and take on the management responsibilities.

“It was 12 years into my 27-year career when I first started to believe I could be more.

“I have enjoyed each and every one of the jobs that I have had.

“When you’re doing that and contributing in that way the promotions come along in their own good time.”

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During his first three days in the job, HRH Princess Anne visite d the police headquarters for the first time.

He said: “That was a really good start.

“I am starting from a really good place in understanding Lincolnshire and the service the police provide is a good one.

“Changes are on the way and we need to see how to move forward in areas of particular interest, including domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour.

“There is an issue of funding and myself and the police and crime commissioner will make the best possible deal for Lincolnshire that we can.”

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Bill says he is looking forward to getting to know the communities and the issues particular to them.

He said: “There have been a lot of conversations about what the expectations are and what they should be.

“The environment around us needs to continue to change and develop in the best possible way.

“This is an opportunity where I can give the best quality I can and meet their expectations in the best way.

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“Being police constable you need job enjoyment and being able to say I can contribute to that particular area.

“There is enjoyment and it is rewarding delivering something to the public.”

Bill says that in his role he has two responsibilities - one to the public and one to the staff of Lincolnshire Police.

He said: “I hope that over the time I have as chief constable I can deliver a service to the public that meet their expectations.

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“After this I want to look back and say I have helped people reach their potential, and that I encouraged them to do the best they could.

“If I can support that, then I will feel I have done a good job.

“I hope I can look back and say I have helped staff get everything out of their jobs that they wanted.”

Bill says he is looking forward to working together with all the emergency services.

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He said: “We need to create the systems that we need to work together and have an understanding. It’s about working with others.

“In the future you will see the emergency services working together more and also sharing premises.

“There is a lot of stuff happening in the future which people will see impacting over the years to create safe environments and safe communities.”

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