Tesco build still ‘on schedule’

A NEW supermarket for Worksop is still on schedule - despite rumours of delays in building.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th July 2012, 3:20 pm

After concerns being raised by readers that building work on the new Tesco store near Carlton Road and Blyth Road had ground to a halt, The Guardian contacted the chain who said that everything was in hand and under control.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We are working on site with enabling works so that we can build the new store.”

“We are on track with the works and hope to have the store open next year.”

He added: “Things are on schedule.”

However, despite the promise of jobs being created, the Tesco development is still proving controversial among many local residents.

Concerns have been raised over the increased traffic problems with the new 8,121 sq m store on the former Clinton Maltings site - which will also feature a car park and a recycling centre.

Bassetlaw Council leader Simon Greaves said: “They may well be on schedule but it is still the worst place on earth to build a supermarket. The town will be gridlocked for months.”

A spokesman from John’s Plants in Langold added: “This will be another nail in the coffin for small businesses and local traders.”

“Yes, they might say we’re going to employ x amount of people, but when the smaller shops close then more people lose their jobs.”

However, Guardian reader Daniel Saban disagreed: “That Tesco does need replacing as it’s falling to bits and is awful when compared to new modern supermarkets.”

“The location is poor but a new modern supermarket is needed in Worksop.”

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