Tackling booze-related crime

Police watchdogs have called for the licensing process to be changed to tackle alcohol-related crime.

Despite reductions in violence against the person offences, a high number of this type of incident occurs in or around licensed premises.

Alcohol plays a significant factor, with 40 per cent of incidents happening on Saturday and Sundays between the hours of 7pm and 3am in town centres.

Members of Notts Police Authority have now called for a report on the county’s licensing process to identify better ways of working with planning to reduce alcohol-related crime.

It comes as the Government prepares to introduce a new late night levy from next month.

The levy will mean businesses that supply alcohol late into the night can be charged for the extra enforcement costs - rather than relying on taxpayers.

Licensing authorities will have discretion to offer an exemption to some premises including theatres and cinemas, bingo halls, amateur sports clubs and village pubs.

Jon Collins, chairman of the police authority, said: “Despite the positive decline in offences of violence against the person it appears from recent data that still too many crimes involve alcohol and take place within the night-time economy.”

“Reducing alcohol-related crime should be a collective responsibility and the public, landlords, licensing authorities and the police all have a duty to promote a safer environment for our communities.”