Swine flu confirmed

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Health bosses have confirmed a patient with swine flu was admitted to Bassetlaw Hospital over the festive season.

The patient – under the age of 65 – remains at hospital and is believed to have overcome the illness.

At the height of the outbreak, statistics gathered by the Strategic Health Authorities across England established 11.5 per cent of calls received by NHS Bassetlaw were flu related.

The Health Protection Agency verified 50 people died of flu this winter across the country, with 45 of these due to swine flu.

Officials have stated the Bassetlaw area has been “relatively untouched” by swine flu and there are sufficient stocks of the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Dr Phil Foster said: “Swine flu generally lasts from three to five days with symptoms including the sudden onset of fever, and a cough, along with tiredness, loss of appetite, sore throat, runny nose, limb or joint pains and a headache. People are most infectious after they first develop the symptoms and continue to be infectious for several days – typically for up to five days in adults and seven in children.”

“Anyone with flu should stay at home until they are well and follow good hygiene practices.”

The NHS has re-launched their ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ promotion to help prevent germs from spreading.

Those seeking medical advice for flu are asked to call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or your family doctor.