Swallownest: New Aldi store could create 35 jobs

Around 35 jobs will be created in Swallownest if a plan for a new supermarket is given the green light.

Tuesday, 31st December 2013, 7:16 am
Proposed Aldi superstore Swallownest

Aldi wants to build a new store on Sheffield Road and have submitted a planning application to Rotherham Council.

The proposal has divided opinion among local residents.

Some feel it will damage local independent stores and have raised road safety fears near Aston Fence Infant and Junior School.

But others have welcomed the possibility of increased competition and choice.

Aldi wants to build a 1,000sq metre store and 100 space car park.

Planning papers submitted to the council say the proposals intend to enhance local choice and competiton, and will encourage more people to shop locally at

The site has been historically identified as a development plot as part of the wider Aston Manor estate.

Newsletters have been sent out to local residents, with more than 73 per cent in favour of the application. A consultation event was also held last year.

One resident, who lives of Haigh Moor Way, felt a new supermarket would create more congestion on the road, and create more safety issues at school times.

He also felt it may create anti-social behaviour if youths gather.

Another resident, of Swallow Wood Road, strongly objected to the plans.

She wrote in her objection that an Aldi would bring noise, late night disturbances and safety issues for the children and animals living on the estate.

However, many residents have submitted statements in support of a supermarket.

A resident of Hoveringham Court said she ‘can’t wait for it to open.’ She welcomed the new jobs and reasonable food prices.

An eldlery resident, who lives on Sorby Road, said: “I think an Aldi store would be an asset to Aston-cum-Augton villages.”

“Not everyone has the benefit of a car and we need a cut price food store within walking distance.”

A decision is expected to be made by the council’s planning board in February.