Superfast broadband has been extended to rural areas of West Lindsey

Customers Susan Keeley and Peter Woffinden  and Steve Bolan and Niki Borman from QuicklineCustomers Susan Keeley and Peter Woffinden  and Steve Bolan and Niki Borman from Quickline
Customers Susan Keeley and Peter Woffinden and Steve Bolan and Niki Borman from Quickline
Rural businesses and residents in West Lindsey are accessing superfast broadband for the first time.

Quickline Communications has expanded its broadband coverage offering internet connection speeds of up to 50Mbps.

The delay in joining the rest of the UK with superfast broadband is due to the remote rural landscape of West Lindsey.

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Residents of East Stockwith and surrounding areas are using wireless internet as a reliable alternative which reduces the costs associated with delivering broadband.

Peter Woffinden and his partner Susan Keeley are new customers of Quickline.

Peter said: “Prior to Quickline we were receiving an average of 0.5Mbs and so we chose Quickline because could provide faster broadband.

“We are now able to operate our CCTV camera, watch videos on YouTube and download PDF files, we could never have done this on our old connection as it was just too slow.

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“We are also taking advantage of Quickline’s refer a friend initiative which offers a £25 credit when our friends are connected.

“This is a great way to raise awareness of the new service and will help as many people get connected to superfast broadband as possible, now that it’s available in our area.”

Steve Bolan, Operations Director at Quickline Communications, said: “We are delighted to be a part of a project that is truly revolutionising the way that people live and work in West Lindsey.

“We provide superfast broadband and telephone services, without the need for a traditional telephone landline connection, so we are able to reduce costs for customers as well.

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“West Lindsey communities need to be able to rely on having superfast broadband for everyday life and in addition to our ‘refer a friend’ initiative, we are working with local businesses and setting up resellers in village shops and pubs to help raise awareness of our availability.

“In addition, we may be able to help some new customers gain access to a free subsidy if they currently only have access to internet speeds of twoMbps or less.”

Quickline Communications is an independent service provider (ISP) serving Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and in partnership with West Lindsey District Council, the team developed a strategy to deliver some the fastest connection speeds in the whole of Lincolnshire via the installation of a number of transmitters across the district.

Hundreds of customers have now been connected in the villages of Upton, Northorpe, East Stockwith, around the Trent Bank and surrounding areas.

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