Storm Chris threatens to end Britain's heatwave with heavy rain and gales

Storm Chris threatens to end Britain's heatwave with heavy rain and gales

Tropical Storm Chris is currently tracking the East Coast of the US and is set to cross the Atlantic to the UK

Nicola Maxey, Senior Press Officer for the Met Office, explains that this sort of weather activity is typical for this time of year and that although the Storm is expected to turn into a hurricane by later today, by the time it reaches the UK it will be an ex-hurricane.

This is due to the Storm crossing the large body of water that is the Atlantic, where its energy is sucked out and it loses its strength.

However, this doesn’t mean that the weather conditions in the UK won’t be impacted by Storm Chris, as wet and windy weather conditions are now expected.

As Ms Maxey explains, this Storm has to go through “lots of stages” before reaching the UK and the exact track it will take is “still in doubt”.

Although Storm Chris is expected to make its way towards the UK, there is a possibility it could miss it out completely and head towards central Europe instead.

However, at the moment it looks set to make its way to the UK and have an impact on the North of England and Scotland, bringing wet and windy conditions.

The East Midlands is now expected to see wet weather and showers over the next few days, including heavy showers on Thursday, whilst the lake district and surrounding areas could see Thunderstorms.

The rainy weather is then set to continue in Scotland on Monday and Tuesday and although this is also potential in the East Midlands, the uncertainty of the exact path of Storm Chris leaves this unclear.

At the moment, light, breezy winds are expected in the region, with the potential for gales across certain parts of the UK.

Although there has been a dip in temperatures today, with cooler temperatures of around 20C, this is is set to build again towards the end of the week, bringing higher temperatures of around 25C just in time for the weekend.