Stake through your hearts...

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remember scenes like this?

You know, where odd-bods in macs came along and tipped over your loved ones’ gravestones before spearing a stake down into the hallowed turf, and issuing YOU with a warning notice to spend a fortune on the stone, or face losing it all together?

Well, if you believe all you read in John Mann MP’s column they’re back – and make no mis-stake!

So I am going to use this little corner of my page as a public service announcement.

If you have a loved one in Retford Road, Hannah Park, Carlton or any other cemetery for that matter, take the time this weekend to check the grave stones immediately.

Take photos of them in perfectly safe and stable condition. Or, if they ARE a bit wobbly, shore them up. Believe me, we saw enough people in tears last time the memories of loved ones were tarnished.