Stag arrested after assault

A CRESWELL man was arrested on his stag night following a drunken attack on a well-wisher.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 23rd June 2012, 3:09 pm

Victim Laurence Kennel congratulated Daniel Johnson on his impending wedding and was head-butted in the mouth, losing two teeth.

The incident took place in Chesterfield town centre on 30th March, when Johnson was so drunk his pals were carrying him.

Chesterfield magistrates heard that Johnson, 25, became angry and aggressive after Mr Kennel remarked that he had ‘had a good night’.

Mr Kennel asked Johnson to calm down. He was just about to walk away when Johnson broke free from his friends and head-butted him.

“Two of my teeth had come out and I saw them on the ground. I picked them up and my mouth was bleeding. His friends were holding him back,” he said.

Mr Kennel said losing his teeth had affected his self-confidence. He might need a denture fitted and dental work could take up to a year to complete at a cost of £2000.

Johnson told police after he sobered up that he could not recall the incident. He only remembered waking up on his wedding day with a bad hangover and a cut to his head.

“Those who know him are extremely surprised he behaved in this way. He has a young family and doesn’t get the opportunity to go out drinking regularly,” said Julie Page, defending.

Johnson, of Rogers Avenue, Creswell, admitted assault. The bench adjourned the hearing until 14th August for a mini-trial to decide what happened during the incident. This could affect Johnson’s sentence.