Staff photo from Victoria Hospital in the 1920’s

This week’s archive corner shows the staff from VictoriaHospital in the 1920’s.

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Monday, 16th December 2013, 10:53 am
Archive Corner
Archive Corner

Pictured is dentist Mr Mills and doctors Morris, Garrett, Crawford, Wallis, Anderson and Cunningham. In charge of the nurses was Matron Stocks.

Victoria Hospital was opened on 24th May 1900, Queen Victoria’s 81st birthday.

There were five beds and two bathrooms but it opened with out the proposed operating theatre.There were seven members of staff.

A town public meeting was held in 1921 to consider extending Victoria Hospital as Worksop’s memorial to the Great War of 1914 to 1918.

This was made possible thanks to countless fundraising events events over the years.

The Duke of Portland laid the foundation stones for two new wards in 1930.

Founder of the Dispensary, Viscountess Galway, opened the Bannister and Bartrop wards on 25th July 1931.

These extra wards provided 40 new beds bringing the total to 92.

In 1974 new ear, nose, throat and orthopaedic treatment wards in pre-fab buildings at Victoria Hospital.

The emergency department was shut down in 1984 with the service moving to Kilton Hospital.

A year later it was announced by the District Health Autbority of their intention to close the Victoria hospital and relocate all its services to the Kilton site.

A for sale sign went up in 1992 and on 19th November 1993, following the removal of the First World War memorial stones, the Victoria hospital buildings were boarded up and the doors closed for the final time.

It was sold in 1994 and demolished in July 1996 to make way for a supermarket and nursing home.