SPOTTED: Twitchers all a flutter as rare gull turns up in Bolsover

A Sabine's Gull spotted in New Bolsover (photo: Dave Newcombe).
A Sabine's Gull spotted in New Bolsover (photo: Dave Newcombe).

Birdwatchers are flocking to a Derbyshire beauty spot in the hope of catching a glimpse of a rare seabird.

The twitchers have been alerted to the visit of a Sabine’s Gull which has currently taken up residence at the Carr Vale Nature Reserve in New Bolsover.

According to those in the know, this is only the seventh time the species has been seen in Derbyshire and the first since 1997.

People are reportedly travelling ‘hundreds of miles’ to see the unusual visitor.

On Facebook, Paul Eggleston said: “It is quite distinctive actually, I was expecting it to blend in with the other gulls so you wouldn’t know it was there.”

And Derek Adams said: “Loads are coming tomorrow if it is still there according to what I was told this morning but you need a massive telephoto lens to get a good shot.”

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