Spend the night at The Old Nick Theatre for a Ghost Hunt

Find out what happens behind closed doors at The Old Nick Theatre and be taken on a Ghost Hunt by Phantasmic Paranormal.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 5:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th April 2016, 5:11 pm
The Old Nick Theatre, Spring Gardens, Gainsborough G120130-1e

The Old Nick was built in 1850 and served as Gainsborough’s police station.

In 1979 it was purchased by the Gainsborough Theatre Company who now use the building for performances.

There have been reports of ghostly activity at The Old Nick which includes dark shadowy figures and frightening poltergeist activity in the dark derelict police cells.

Figures have been seen in the theatre area which was used as the Old Court.

And disembodied voices, loud footsteps and a dark sinister presence have also been reported.

It is documented that there were more than 25 deaths at the building.

You can find out for yourself at a Ghost Hunt at The Old Nick Theatre on Friday, April 15, from 9pm to 3am.

During the visit there is modern scientific technology free for you to use and the old victorian methods, such as ouiji boards, table tipping, skrying and dowsing.

There will be a full walkround of the venue, a guest medium, and your chance to go off and host your very own vigils.

Tickets are £30 and to book visit www.phantasmicparanormal.co.uk.

Tickets include refreshments and snacks.

The tours are hosted by Phantasmic Paranormal, who offer a wide variety of overnight Ghost Hunts at various haunted locations across the whole of the UK.

Phantasmic Paranormal is run by Clare Burrows and Jolene Lockwood who have been in the industry for more than 15 years.

Clare said: “Our events are real with no theatrical staging, no tricks or stunts or play acting.

“Guests that attend have full use of our ghost hunting equipment so they are able to carry out their own paranormal investigations just like a real paranormal investigator would. We work effortlessly to ensure that all of our guests at all of our events have the opportunity to experience the eerie world of the paranormal.

“Phantasmic Paranormal is growing rapidly in popularity on a daily basis we are being featured on Sky, we have also been asked by Haun7ed to feature in a live broadcast and we have also featured on radio stations, various newspaper publications and Haunted Magazine to name a few.

“We invite to you to evoke your inner entity by sharing a night of petrifying ghostly goings on with Phantasmic Paranormal that you will never ever forget.”