Speed reduction given green light

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CAMPAIGNERS fighting to reduce the speed limit on a notorious A60 stretch in Costhorpe are celebrating victory after Notts County Council gave the green light to £45,000 of safety improvements.

The authority has reduced the speed limit from 40 to 30mph on Doncaster Road between Carlton and Langold, and will install four new pedestrian refuges and widen seven others to make it easie for people to cross.

It will also remove three bus lay-bys to narrow the road and put a tighter corner on the junction of Rotherham Baulk to slow traffic down by the end of March.

The announcement brings to an end several years of lobbying the council to reduce the limit.

Worksop North East and Carlton county councillor Coun Alan Rhodes said he was delighted the campaign with local residents and Carlton Parish Council had been successful.

“There have been far too many fatal accidents and injuries on the A60 as it goes through Carlton and Costhorpe,” he said.

“Although some motorists may feel inconvenienced by the 30mph, it is a price worth paying if it saves a single life or prevents just one accident.”

He added: “Carlton and Costhorpe residents have waited far too long for the county council to act, but now that they have we should all welcome the speed reduction.”

“I hope that motorists keep to the limit and feel certain that the police will vigourously enforce the new limit.”

Residents launched the campaign several years ago after seeing several accidents on the stretch of road.

Cabinet member for transport and highways Coun Richard Jackson said: “Our investigations show that it should improve road safety.

“We will be introducing some physical improvements on the road at the same time to help pedestrians cross safely and slow vehicles down.”

But Carlton Parish Council chairman Barry Bowles said reducing the speed limit alone was not enough to ensure future road safety.

“What we would look for now is for the police to help us implement the speed limit - it’s no use unless it’s implemented.”

Head of Roads policing Chief Inspector Andy Charlton said the measures will encourage motorists to take care and slow down, which will ultimately make the road and pedestrians safer.”

“Notts Police welcomes this initiative and we will be working with the council to ensure that drivers follow the speed limit and do not put other people’s lives at risk by speeding.”