Special delivery for the start of 2012

NEW Year will be an extra special time for one Throapham family who welcomed a new baby on Sunday 1st January.

Mum Gillian Soulsby, 27, was due to give birth before Christmas on 23rd December. But by the 31st the baby hadn’t arrived.

“They had to induce me which I didn’t mind because it was best for the baby,” said Gillian, who lives at Hunter’s Park, Throapham, Dinnington, with husband Johnny, 29, and their son Jacob, two.

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After waiting a while for labour to take hold, baby Nathan arrived all of a sudden at 9.20am.

“After the epidural I was chatting to the midwife and I said I thought I could feel something,” said Gillian.

Sure enough, Nathan came into the world just moments later weighing a healthy 8lbs 11oz.

“It has been a lovely start to the New Year for us,” said dad Johnny.

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Gillian, a customer services advisor at Royal Bank of Scotland, added: “We’ve had family visiting and Jacob is thrilled to be a big brother.”

“He keeps wanting to hold Nathan and feed him all by himself.”