South Yorkshire: Shotguns handed in during firearms amnesty

The countywide firearms amnesty that launched this week in South Yorkshire has seen a varied range of guns and ammunition handed in during the first four days from shotguns to a 50 calibre bullet.

Monday, 17th November 2014, 4:00 pm

The amnesty, launched by South Yorkshire Police in a bid to remove illegal guns from the streets and keep them from falling into the wrong hands, has so far had a range of firearms brought into police stations across the county.

Eleven shotguns and approximately 190 shotgun cartridges, two air rifles and around 100 rifle rounds, a 9mm rim fire rifle, three air pistols, a 50 calibre round, a handgun and a starting pistol have all been surrendered so far.

DCI Zaf Ali leading on the Force’s amnesty is urging people to continue to bring in any unwanted or illegal firearms: “I want the public to take advantage of the amnesty and surrender any gun they no longer want without fear of prosecution for possession.”

“There is a minimum five-year prison sentence for anyone in possession of a firearm, but during the amnesty, that is running until Friday, 21 November, you will not face prosecution for possession if you surrender the weapon, even if it is illegally owned.”

While the amnesty provides immunity at the time of surrendering the firearm, if the weapon is found to have been used in previous criminal activity, it will be investigated by police and there could be potential prosecutions.

All firearms should be brought in to one of the six police stations that have a public enquiry desk; Snig Hill, Moss Way and Ecclesfield in Sheffield, College Road in Doncaster, Churchfields in Barnsley and Main Street in Rotherham. Check the opening times of each station at

For further information regarding the amnesty, call 101.