South Anston: Learning and lorries all go together for Hillcrest youngsters

A Greencore lorry visted Anston Hillcrest School as part of the children's transport project
A Greencore lorry visted Anston Hillcrest School as part of the children's transport project

Learning got big at Hillcrest Primary School in South Anston as youngsters got to grips with one of the largest vehicles on our roads.

As part of their ‘How Can We Get On The Move’ learning journey in Foundation Stage, the children have been learning about vehicles and the latest session saw a large articulated truck roll up their drive.

“As well as vehicles, they have also learned about lots of different modes of transport and whether they travel on the ground, on water or in the air,” said Jacki Swift, Foundation Stage leader.

“We have talked about how vehicles move and that they come in lots of different shapes and sizes.”

“We even designed and made our own vehicles in our workshop area.”

However, during class discussion, everyone discovered that while lots of children had travelled in cars, aeroplanes, buses or trains, and nearly everyone had a bike or a scooter, only one of them had ever sat in a lorry.

So to put that right, the school arranged, through one of the parents, for a lorry to come and visit school.

“The Greencore lorry came school and the children in FS1 and FS2 had the opportunity to talk to the driver and ask him questions about his lorry and they even had chance to sit in the cab and complete a safety check,” continued Mrs Swift.

“The children all had a great time learning more about Lorries and they especially enjoyed eating the sandwiches that Greencore donated for their snack.”

“This visit was an invaluable first hand experience for our children.”

“They developed their Understanding of the world by investigating how the lorry works and their communication and language skills by thinking of questions to ask the driver.”

“They also loved getting to sit in the cab and learning about what it’s like to be a lorry driver.”