Some things just have to go

right, let’s get one thing straight – the cuts are here and they’re here to stay.

But there are some things in life that are out-and-out luxuries, and should never have been dreamed up in the first place.

EMA – Education Maintenance Allowance – has ruffled a few feathers of the spotty oiks in schools and colleges.

Essentially EMA was a hand-out to pubescent layabouts, and is designed to give the poor mites around £100 a month – for festering in bed half the day, and making paper aeroplanes and listening to Bob Marley.

The po-faced do-gooders said it would help them through education, giving a reliable income to spend on resources.

Codswallop! All it ever got spent on was Pot Noodles, booze, fags and crackly boom-boom music.

Now they’ll have to get a job to fund their greasy lifestyles – like I had to in the tin mines.

Then there’s the child benefit reduction for folks earning over £44,000. Why the hell have we all been propping up their swanky, salubrious sub-urban lifestyles, anyway? Whose idea was it to give pocket money to middle England toffs?

There are mums and dads in Worksop – some battling through on their own – who can’t even afford to go to bingo, buy a scratch card or fill up their cupboards with Monster Munch, and yet Henry and Henrietta are lighting cigars with Tax Payers’ £20s!

You’ve only got to look at the BBC ‘World Service’.

Folks down in London are up in arms because our £120 a year TV licence will no longer provide folks in down town shanty Rio de Janeiro with a corduroy clad clod in an Aunty-funded newsroom, reading snippets about droughts in Timbuktu in eye-bulgingly clear high-definition.

Tough! Read the letters pages in this very edition. There is an elderly Woodsetts woman who is at her wits’ end because her husband has been ferried about from pillar to post between hospitals because there are no beds or staff to look after him.

So if road sweepers are a thing of the past, sweep your own bit of road. If meals on wheels has to go, look out for your own vulnerable neighbours – it won’t kill you.

If the Citizens’ Advice service gets scaled back – put your worries into perspective – because there are plenty of people like Mr and Mrs Monks of Woodsetts who are far more important than Cbeebies in Mumbai.