SNOW IMMINENT: Arctic air mass set to envelop nation within days

Snow is coming, weather experts say.

Chesterfield's great snowfall of 2010.
Chesterfield's great snowfall of 2010.

An Arctic air mass is poised to envelop the country by next weekend, bringing an end to weeks of above-average temperatures – and snow.

A Met Office spokesman said on Sunday night: “Heading into next weekend, we could see more in the way of cold air sinking southwards with a mix of sunshine and blustery showers.

“These showers are likely to fall as snow over high ground in the north and there’s a risk of them turning wintry over hills further south.

“Overnight frosts will be increasingly likely, with perhaps some icy patches too.

“There is some uncertainty as to how long this cold spell will last but it is likely that wet, windy and milder conditions will spread back in by the end of November.”

The Met Office is expected to release further details over the course of the coming week.

Keep checking back for updates.