SLIDESHOW: All of this year’s winners from the Gainsborough Standard Community Awards

A great night was had by all at Hemswell Court for the second annual Gainsborough Standard Community Awards.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th June 2015, 1:09 pm
Gainsborough Community Awards 2015 held at Hemswell Court. All the award winners from the night.
Gainsborough Community Awards 2015 held at Hemswell Court. All the award winners from the night.

From teachers, to athletes to inspiring children they were all represented and recognised at the awards ceremony.

Standard Content Editor, Tim Paget, said: “The Standard has a long tradition of championing all that is good about our local community and this event has quickly become a real celebration of community spirit across Gainsborough.”

“There are many reasons to be proud of Gainsborough but the main one is the incredible people who live and work here to make it such a fantastic community.”

Gainsborough Community Awards 2015 held at Hemswell Court. All the award winners from the night.

“Children, quite rightly, hold a very special place in our hearts. Every parent wants the best possible start for their child and that’s why schools and their staff are such a key part of every local community.”

“These awards not only recognise those who go that extra mile to provide the best education, they also honour the brave and the determined, the ordinary people who do the special things that prove to be such an inspiration to us all.”

“I am incredibly proud to be involved with these awards as they recognise our area’s true heroes, the unsung people of courage and commitment who deserve recognition the most.”

“Sifting through the nominations, it was obvious there are plenty of local success stories across our local community, and many heart warming ones.”

The Fundraiser of the Year award, sponsored by McDonalds, went to Queen Elizabeth’s High School student, Elise Condry.

Elise raised more than £1,400 for cancer relief by having her head shaved. She has also elected to join the school’s peer listening team and support other students. The strength and support she showed in having her head shaved is incredible, especially for a young lady who has low self esteem. This showed courage and inspired other students to understand that body image isn’t absolutely everything.

On accepting her award, Elise said: “A lot of people in my family have been affected by cancer and just before I shaved my head, someone I knew died from cancer.”

“This means a lot. Everyone needs to be helped.”

The Best Teaching Assistant of the Year award, sponsored by McDonalds, was presented to Rachel Marriott from Blyton cum Laughton Primary School.

Rachel has been extra supportive and encouraging to year six pupil. Hollie, who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia. She has provided constant guidance and extra help, particularly through the SATs period, even coming in on her day off.

Rachel also runs the singing club and she is very passionate about making all of the children want to do their very best.

Rachel said: “All the children in our school are just amazing. This is a real privilege.”

Bethany Elsom from Morton Trentside School was presented with a special recognition award.

Bethany was nominated for this award because of all the hard work and commitment she shows when working with Toby, who is autistic.

She enables him to be able to mainstream school, adapting learning structure and situations to suit his own pace, while not being left behind.

This year’s Best Teacher award, sponsored by Walters Opticians, went to Laura McDonald from Hillcrest Early Years Academy.

The children that Laura teaches are those with special needs that vary in needing extra learning, behaviour and emotional support. She helps her pupils through difficult times such as dealing with the death of a parent by going beyond her role as a classroom teacher and providing support to children in their personal lives.

Not only does she ensure her pupils achieve in the classroom but that they are happy and well cared for. She is an inspiration, a team player and a real champion.

Laura said: “It is quite strange to win an award for the job you do. It is the best job in the world and that’s all that matters.”

Special recognition awards were presented to Luke Lovelidge, also from Hillcrest Early Years Academy and Laura Howe from Queen Elizabeth High School.

The winner of the Community Spirit award, sponsored by PAMs, was awarded to Steve Clarke.

Steve he been donating blood and platelets for the past 25 years. Steve makes time every fortnight to travel from Blyton to Sheffield to give a triple donation of platelets and on 17th June he made his 500th donation.

What he does is more than giving blood, it’s saving people’s lives and is wonderful work to be recognised for.

On top of this Steve is a kind and considerate person and will do anything for anyone.

This year’s Child of Courage, sponsored by Browns Department Store, was given to Millie Emerson.

Millie was born at just 28 weeks and was given just a 10 per cent chance of survival. But now, aged 17 months, Millie has beaten all the odds and is thriving.

Throughout everything this courageous little girl has gone from strength to strength, surprising all who know her with her courage and determination.

She does not let anything hold her back, she is a fabulous, inspiring little girl.

Millie’s mum, Hayley Emerson, said: “I am extremely proud. I am proud just to be able to hold her.”

The award for Most Improved Student, sponsored by Gainsborough College, was presented to Darby Clark.

Darby is studying at Community Learning in Partnership (CLIP) and her ambition is to become a nurse. After several absences, Darby’s tutor spoke to her about her attendance and it was revealed Darby was caring for her mum, Sarah’s, boyfriend who has terminal cancer. Darby is a huge support to Sarah, attending appointments and providing constant help.

Over the past 10 months Darby has worked incredibly hard and she has an outstanding drive to succeed.

Darby is currently in a very strong position to follow the path to reach her dream of studying nursing.

Even though Darby’s journey will continue to be an emotional one, there is every confidence that Darby will achieve this.

Darby said: “Thank you to everyone who got me to where I need to be.”

A special recognition award was also presented to Sean Hodkin from Queen Elizabeth’s High School.

Sean’s changed attitude and motivation throughout the year have helped to improve this overall performance and, ultimately, his grades.

This year’s Inspiring Personality award, sponsored by Ping, was awarded to Mandy Pearson.

Mandy is an asset to Charles Baines Primary School where she has worked for 10 years as an administrator and midday supervisor.

Mandy is always positive and friendly and always happy to give her time to the school, ensuring she does whatever she can to make is easy for the children to enjoy their time there.

Nothing is a problem, no barrier stands in her way and she embodies positivity, success and enjoyment in all.

She is a mother figure, a teacher, a carer, a fixer, a comedian, a referee and a counsellor and she is a true patriarch at Charles Baines Primary School.

The Sporting Achievement award, sponsored by Ping, went to the year seven, 5-a-side girls football team from Queen Elizabeth’s High School.

This year the team have won the ESFA National 5-a-side tournament. They first won the Lincoln and District tournament, then the regional round and going on to win the entire competition at the finals in March.

More than 1,000 teams entered the competition from all across the country.

And the team have been commended by officials for their courteous behaviour and sportsmanship, both on and off, the pitch.

The team is a credit to the school and they are extremely proud of them.

The award for Environmental Champion, sponsored by Freewatt, was awarded to Waste Cost Reduction Services.

This company provide recycling and waste management solutions for Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough.

Rebecca Henry-Brown, from Waste Cost Reduction Services, said: “It has been a pleasure working with businesses in the Gainsborough area over the years and seeing how well the town is flourishing from new investment.”

“There is a new positive vibe about the area that I feel proud to be a part of.”

This year’s Best Headteacher award, sponsored by Cliff Bradley and Sons Funeral Directors, was presented to David Allsop from Queen Elizabeth’s High School.

David helped raise the funds to build a new sixth form block and a new English block in order to provide the best facilities for the students.

Every decision he makes has the interests of his students and staff at its very core.

He is a supremely dedicated and hard working headteacher.

David said: “This is fantastic and humbling.”

“Even after 25 years I am still being inspired by the students.”

And this year’s Outstanding Bravery award, sponsored by Hutchinson’s Builders, was awarded to Alfie Williams.

Alfie recently lost his battle with a rare form of cancer and sadly passed away, aged seven.

At last’s year’s Community Awards, Alfie was presented with the Child of Courage award as he amazed everyone on the judging panel with his remarkable bravery.

Alfie’s parents want us to remember their amazing little boy for his incredible zest for life and his loveable traits, not because of his illness.

Alfie’s brother’s George and Henry were presented with Alfie’s awards. They said they were incredibly proud of their brother and that he would have been delighted to have won this award.