Sister: ‘He had a real heart of gold’

Wayne Maxwell
Wayne Maxwell

TRIBUTES have been paid to a 37-year-old man who died after he suffered a second brain tumour.

Wayne Maxwell passed away on 19th December at Pathfinders Care Home, in Ollerton, following a lengthy illness.

His partner, who he had been with for 17 years, Sara Wilks, 34, from Mansfield, said she was devastated.

“I will always remember his kindness and his devotion to his family, especially his daughters,” she added.

Wayne had a daughter, Georgia, who passed away when she was just 19 months old. His eldest daughter Bethany, 15, spent many happy days with him.

Sara said: “He loved taking her out on bike rides together and camping in the back garden.”

“He was planning on taking her away again but he never got round to it, due to his illness, but he really enjoyed camping with her and she loved spending time with him.”

“He liked his private times but he was quite sociable, he had reading difficulties since he was a child.”

Sara added his love of bikes meant he would always ride them to work and have fun with them in the woods. Wayne was schooled in Bassetlaw and went on to work at Center Parcs where he fixed bikes.

Wayne’s sisters Tracey Maxwell, of Yoeman Close, Worksop, and Julie Potterton, of Boston, Lincolnshire, were saddened by his death.

“He had been fighting cancer for the last two years,” Julie said. “We were hoping to have one last Christmas together.”

“He was a great brother, he would not let it stop him, he had a real heart of gold and would do anything for anybody.”

Tracey said Wayne would never act his age.

“He was 37 but he was more like 27, it’s just the way he was. He was a quiet person.”

“When he would go out on his bike I would tell him to go out protected but he always used to say ‘I will be alright’,” Tracey added.

Wayne would cycle to her house every fortnight to see his sister.

Tracey said: “In the end it wasn’t him, it wasn’t the person I’d remember. He could barely hold a conversation with you because it would take him so long to respond.”

“He really enjoyed television programmes, the Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, Airwolf and had remote control toys.”

“He also loved gadgets and taking things to pieces, but never put them back together.”

Wayne was buried following a grave side service at Hannah Park Cemetery on 30th December.