Simmsey column: Sheffield Steelers should leave Mathieu Roy out

Colton Fretter - best sirloin steak
Colton Fretter - best sirloin steak

This weekend the Steelers are in Denmark to play in the Continental Cup. We do so with the biggest squad that the club has ever used for a tournament like this and that’s why I think we should leave Mathieu Roy at home.

Leave the King at Home you scream?

Action man Mathieu Roy

Action man Mathieu Roy

Certainly not.

Leave our talisman, our proven goal scorer and one of our best leaders, a man who sacrifices his body for us night in and night out at home?

What are you, crazy, David?

No, I am a realist. As much as I want us to progress in the continental cup I want Mathieu to be fit and healthy and help us win domestic silverware more.

There is no need to put him through three games in as many nights.

I love Mathieu, love him as a bloke, a player and a goal scorer.

I love how our best scorer blocks shots, plays hurt and battles.

A modern day Scottie Allison and praise doesn’t come higher than that from me.

I want the number 15 shirt to be worn by the King until he retires and then lifted from his body to the rafters of the Arena which is why I say what I do.

We have a great chance to rest this body up. Can Mathieu play this weekend, well I’m sure he can but in my mind that doesn’t mean he should.

I trust Thommo, Paul Teather and the doctor implicitly. The best team management and medical team you could wish for. They won’t risk The King. Me, I’d wrap him up, save him from the battle ahead and make sure he is ready for when the real war starts when we get home.

Colton Fretter returns this weekend having served his time out of the line up suspended. They say you don’t miss someone until they are not there. We knew how much we would miss our best all around player and we have.

Fretter is best Sirloin steak. Fretter is a Jaguar.

Three championships in three seasons prove that you win with a Fretter in your line up. He isn’t supporting cast, Fretter is a headline act.

Whilst I regret what Colton did (retaliating) I still don’t blame him one bit, I sympathise with his actions 100%. I regret his need to do it, I regret the incident before and several others this season that weren’t dealt with as they should have been and encouraged the situation.

I regret that it was Fretter that had time to get up and get to his opponent before others did but I can see why he did what he did.

Now his time has been served, now it’s time for him to get back to doing what we love him doing and that’s playing for us.

This four team tournament has come at perfect timing for Fretter, three quick games is just what he wants to get himself back and ready. Just the opposite for Roy.

Last Saturday proved to the Sheffield Arena just why the Steelers are so important to their building and this city. Saturday hockey produced 7,000 in attendance for the game against Manchester.

A brilliant Remembrance night, a great performance and victory and a full building.

Ticket sales are already high for next Sunday’s game against Coventry Blaze – games at the Arena are not just sporting fixtures, they are now big events. Family entertainment at its best. I believe the Arena, SIV, Sheffield Trust, the council accept that.

They hold the cards, make us a Saturday club and we will fill your building then we are all happy. We are getting there, SIV and the Trust can see the sense in this and for once we believe there are people listening, on our side and able to assist us moving forward to the benefit of all.

So off to Denmark we go, led by a captain we saw honoured with a special “700 Game” shirt last Saturday. This group is led by special individuals. Thompson, Andersson, Phillips etc.

Lets go and make our club the talk of the city once again.