Sick of these roadhogs

AM I the only one who is driven to despair by drivers of those 4x4 SUV things?

Who do they think they are? Just because they are driving something the size of a tank they think they own the road and can intimidate other motorists.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been cut up by someone driving one of these oversized monstrosities. And if you try to sound your disapproval at their erratic driving by using your horn or flashing your lights more often than not they reply with all manner of vile and offensive hand gestures.

If you are one of these drivers then here is my message to you – my Bentley is a thing of beauty, an example of genius design and engineering, priceless, so can you please take care to steer well clear of it.

And another thing, have you noticed how many of these 4x4s are driven by fatties?

Also, why are they seemingly unable to park in a supermarket car park without straddling two parking bays?

If YOU’RE a 4x4 driver maybe you could answer these questions –