Short-sighted driver killed a pensioner

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A short-sighted motorist who drove wearing his wrong glasses killed a pensioner after failing to see her on a zebra crossing, Lincoln Crown Court was told .

Peter Conroy who is totally blind in one eye and has impaired vision in his other eye, was wearing reading glasses instead of his long vision spectacles when he set off in his Ford Mondeo.

Conroy drove at just 15 mph as he headed for the Sainsbury’s on Tritton Road, Lincoln to carry out his weekly shop causing a long queue to build up behind him.

During the journey from his home off the city’s High Street he was involved in two earlier near misses causing alarm to motorists behind him.

Then as he reached the zebra crossing outside the health centre on Boultham Park Road he ignored the warnings of two drivers behind him who were sounding their horns. Instead he drove straight into Audrey Noden ,93, and her daughter Margaret Elvidge ,63.

Mrs Noden, described as a vibrant and active woman, suffered fractures to her pelvis and her leg. She spent a month in hospital and was later transferred to a nursing home where she died in October 2012 from thrombosis due to her lack of mobility caused by her injuries.

Mrs Elvidge was seriously injured suffering a fractured vertebrae and a broken leg.

David Allan, prosecuting, said police gave Conroy a roadside eye test at the scene of the collision to check if he could meet the legal requirement of being able to see a number plate at 20 metres. He was less than four metres from the plate before he could give an accurate reading.

Mr Allan said that when Conroy reached the age of 70 he applied for the renewal of his licence but lied on the forms and failed to tell the DVLA that he suffered from any condition which would potentially affect his driving.

Conroy, 73, of Shakespeare Street, Lincoln, admitted causing death by dangerous driving on 4th September 2012. He was jailed for two years.

He was banned from driving for 10 years but his licence has already been revoked by the DVLA.

After the case Mrs Noden’s family said: “No sentence really alters anything. We have lost our mum. It doesn’t bring our mum back.”