Shoppers were invited to view future plans for Worksop’s Priory Shopping Centre

Public exhibition on the plans for the Priory Shopping Centre
Public exhibition on the plans for the Priory Shopping Centre

The people of Worksop were invited to have their say on ways they would like the town centre and the Priory Shopping Centre to improve.

During a series of public exhibitions visitors were able to view the plans, ask questions and give their feedback.

Subject to visitors’ comments, a planning application is expected to be submitted to Bassetlaw District Council later in February.

Proposals include a new access road from Bridge Place, improved car parking and servicing and a new foodstore to replace the M&S, alongside an enhanced retail, café and leisure offer.

The Priory Shopping Centre is working with Bassetlaw District Council to invest in the centre, attract new shops and improve car parking and vehicular access for shoppers.

Stephen Dacombe, Centre Manager, said: “I would much rather have a lot of people with opinions. The feedback is the most important along with people’s ideas.

“There is no point building something if people don’t want it so it is great to get people’s opinions.

“It’s not just about the Priory, it is about the whole town centre.

“We want to have a flourishing Priory and we want to give it a kick start with this.

“People see the Priory as a focal point but there is a lot more to the town centre.

“It is good to see people have a lot of ideas and they are pro active in their thinking.”

Visitors to the exhibitions were asked to give their ideass of improvements they would like to see, these included more public toilets, free parking, cheaper business rates and a Primark.

Over the two events more than 600 people visited to view the plans and put their ideas forward.

Nathan Wilson from Workman LLP said: “We are working with the council to build up Worksop as a town, not just a shopping centre.

“The council have an idea of how they see Worksop going forward and our plans will fit into that nicely and it fits into the national plan as well.

“The reaction has all been positive.”