Shoplifter caught with heroin in a Kinder egg at Mansfield store

Court latest
Court latest

A drug user was carrying heroin and cannabis in a Kinder egg when he was arrested for shoplifting in Mansfield, a court heard.

Ryszard Kocwa was spotted removing security tags from two bottles of aftershave, worth £108, by staff at Boots, on October 26, and he was detained after a short chase.

He told police he only had £8 on him, and he intended to sell the bottles to buy drugs, said prosecutor Robert Carr.

Kocwa, 44, of George Street, Mansfield, admitted possession of the Class A and B drugs, and theft, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Monday.

The court heard he was imprisoned for shoplifting in 2015.

Michael Little, mitigating, said Kocwa had committed a number of thefts while he misused heroin, cannabis, amphetamine and alcohol.

“In 2015 his addiction got out of control, but for the past two and half years things have been OK for him,” he said.

He said Kocwa’s seven year relationship had broken down and he “found it hard to cope”.

“He didn’t have sufficent funds to buy his next fix of heroin,” said Mr Little.

However, he said that Kocwa, who still holds down a job, was hoping to reconcile with his partner.

Kocwa was fined £230, and ordered to pay a victim surcharge £30 and court costs of £85, for the possession of heroin. There was no separate charge for the other offences.