Shireoaks: Popular country music night is all set to start up again

A popular country music club is poised to start up again in Shireoaks.

Friday, 21st March 2014, 11:47 am
Shireoaks Sports and Social Club

The club, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary, appeared to be in danger of closing after its founder Jeff Whitworth died.

But now, regular club compere Geoff Shirtcliffe, his wife Pat and their friend Pauline White are looking at getting the club going again and running as it always has, every Friday night at Shireoaks Sports & Social Club.

“It’s been going for 40 years and a lot of people would miss it very much if it was gone and so we knew it needed to be kept going,” said Geoff.

“I know that’s what Jeff would have wanted, he certainly would not have wanted the club to end and we felt the same.”

“People asked if anyone was going to take up the running of the club and ensure that it kept going and we decided we would do that.”

“It’s mainly my wife Pat and Pauline who will be in charge of running it, I will just be helping out and being the compere again as I was before.”

“The format will be exactly the same as it always was for the years Jeff was running it with live bands and musicians playing live country music for everyone to enjoy.”

“It’s worked very well for 40 years and there’s no need to change it as far as we’re concerned.”

Geoff, Pat and Pauline are aiming to hold their first night of the newly re-started club on Friday, 9th May and sessions will be every Friday thereafter.