Shireoaks: Plans for 21 bed care home given the green light

Plans for a 21 bed care home to be built in Shireoaks have been given the green light.

By Catherine Hancock
Thursday, 30th October 2014, 8:07 am
Guardian News
Guardian News

The care home is planned to be built on the north-east side of Newton House, on Shireoaks Road.

Both residents in Shireoaks and the parish council are now worried about what could happen to the rest of the village now the plans have been passed by Bassetlaw Council.

Ivan Jones, vice-chairman of Shireoaks Parish Council, said: “The application was heard behind closed doors, by a PCG planning sub committee and it should have been open up to a public meeting so we could have our say about the plans.”

“The council sent an application for the plans to residents to have a look at.”

“Five residents who objected to the plans wrote to the council but did not receive a response.”

The land is currently being used as an open conservation area.

The parish council would like to challenge the plans further but don’t have the money to do so.

Mr Jones added: “We might as well not have a parish council because we are not being heard and we don’t have a say in what happens to Shireoaks.”

Mr Jones said he would also like to know why residents in Shireoaks weren’t made aware when restrictive covenants were taken off in 2011.

Residents are now worried about the future of Shireoaks.

Older residents and some members of the parish council believe the land was once left to the villagers of Shireoaks by the Duke of Newcastle for ecclesiastical purposes, however no one is sure if this is true.

Bassetlaw Council’s head of regeneration, David Armiger said: “Planning Applications that go to Planning Consultation Group (PCG) have all unresolved objections highlighted as a matter of course. In this instance PCG took the decision that the application could be resolved without going to Planning Committee. PCG consists of Members of Planning Committee including the Chair and Vice Chair, an opposition Member and Council Officers.”

The care home, which will overlook a graveyard, is due to be built within the next three years and was sold for £35,000.

Full plans for the care home can be found on the Bassetlaw District Council website.